einleitung-1Often I am asked how I come up with all these ideas when I make jewelry? Whenever I begin to explain what has led to this shape or theme, I notice how intricately everything is intertwined and how little people can possibly know about this very personal creative process. As soon as I began to write down my experiences, it became a much larger project than just a catalog of my new designs for my jewelry fans.

My creative process has brought me all the way to the stars and back! The range of this book goes from encouraging young people to follow their enthusiasm, to going through my own experiences, and documenting my new work, including instructions on how to reach and activate other levels of consciousness and creativity in everyday life. My healing clients will like the connectedness between my art and craft and the energy work. Everybody is encouraged to raise up to the stars and develop their own higher potential!

The most courageous decision I made toward having my dream job came at the age of 19. I was finishing high school and would have liked to study German literature. But then I realized that even though I loved reading, I did not see myself as a teacher. I imagined myself working freelance and creatively. Writing would have been a possibility, but I could not estimate how strong my professional abilities would be. Since I had started making jewelry a hobby early on and developed some skill, I decided to become a goldsmith.

einleitung-2As I craft pieces, doing risky and tricky things, so often I myself am amazed with the evolving shapes. My unique jewelry always includes an intense process of emerging ideas, many decisions on different levels and of ongoing disciplined work. From an initial spark of inspiration, my creative process leads to the joy of developing something new and unique.

© Ulrike Hofmann-Schüll 7/2017
Short Introduction to my Book:
“All the Way to the Stars and Back: About the Creative Process”

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